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Police K9 Radio

Dec 20, 2021

Great interview with Armin Winkler of Rivanna K9 Services! This is a great interview for handlers and trainers. The guys discuss differences between classical and operant conditioning, the importance of capping, proper selection, and much more! 

Nov 8, 2021

The guys sit down with Howard and talk about his theories and techniques in police dog training. Topics include detections, tracking, engagement and a recent video posted on LEO Canine Discussion page on FB!

Aug 24, 2021

Mike is the owner/operator of MLK9. 

This is a great episode for handlers and trainers. The guys discuss Mike's training theories including tracking/trailing, releases and the how he uses back chaining, a skinner box, and the e-collar with police dogs. 


Jul 19, 2021

The guys talk about common mistakes, scenario based training and the American Tactical K9 Assoc Conference. Great episode!

Jean-Claude Leblanc is the owner and founder of Direct Action K9 LLC. 

Don Meece is the trainer for the Cincinnati Police K-9 unit. 

Go to ATK9.ORG for conference info! This will be the...

Jun 28, 2021

In this episode Jay discusses all aspects of dog training from bonding with your dog, to working on the fundamentals and beyond. 

This is a great episode for those that are new to canine or those that have years of experience. Jay brings a wealth of knowledge and shares it with our listeners.