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Police K9 Radio

Apr 28, 2021

The guys talk to Mike about training fundamentals including working releases, focus, canine selection and more! You can find Mike on FB, Instagram, and Youtube. Just type in "GRASSROOTS K9." 

Mention code "PK9R" at BULLETPROOFPETPRODUCTS.COM and get 10% off your next tug order. Save yourself from getting bit! These tugs are high quality and built to last. They can be personalized with your dogs name, so no one in your training group can jack your tug. Three colors to choose from and they float!

You can purchase INUKSHUK high performance dog food on This is dog food specifically designed for working dogs. Try won't be disappointed. 

Check out TACTICALK9USA.COM with Bill Lewis. Sign up for the periodic emails that are free and keeps handlers and supervisors current on what is getting us all in trouble. Check out upcoming dates for Canine Liability 360 and Canine Supervision 365. 

Looking for a Legal Update? Check out SHEEPDOGGUARDIAN.COM / Mike will be in Folsom CA May 19 - May 20. You can get more info and register at